Vital Nodes at the SUMP Conference

Posted: 16th May 2018

On 15 May, Ricardo Poppeliers of Ecorys, a Vital Nodes consortium partner presented Vital Nodes at the 5th SUMP Conference in Nicosia. He introduced the project and explained the importance of the TEN-T network and integrating the needs and externalities associated with being at an TEN-T corridor into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. In his presentation, he also highlighted some first results of the Vital Nodes workshops, such as

  • Logistics is key in socio-economic trends e.g. e-commerce, circular economy and liveability.
  • Separate worlds of persons transport and freight/logistics transport.
  • Logistics focuses on efficiency and techniques;  not on network development and spatial planning.
  • There are many initiatives and projects whit a strong focus on multimodal development and spatial development. Logistics often not involved in these developments.
  • Policy objectives such as liveability, economic growth, housing would be more effective if infra and spatial development are combined.

You can download his presentation here.