INMAB (Metropolitan Area of Barcelona)

INMAB (Interconnection of networks, port, airport and optimal traffic management in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona)

Type(s) of solution: Infrastructure: Optimizing
Node: Mediterranean
Contact details: Ms. Eva Peirón Marsan, Municipality of Barcelona,
Stakeholders involved: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona  (coordinator)

The “Rondes” (Ring Roads) Improvement Project was initially proposed in the “Barcelona Urban Mobility Plan for 2013-2018” with the aim to reduce private vehicle internal traffic.
This project aims to reconsider and improve the capacity, mobility and safety of the Rondes and the Ring around Barcelona city, in the Mediterranean Corridor, by improving the connections of this high capacity route which facilitates the connection to the port, airport, and the trans-European Road Network, increasing road safety and connectivity, reducing congestion, noise levels, integrating planned charging stations for electric vehicles and intermodal points, to be performed between three main working areas: mobility, structures and facilities. The total budget of global investment is 2.5M€, of which the Connecting Europe Facility programme funds will finance the 50%, 1.25M€.

The foreseen project structure (2016-2020), is divided between different activities, some are already finished while others are currently ongoing. The Mobility Study activity has been concluded, it has provided an exhaustive description of mobility patters and congestion characterisation, at the same time that it is focused in a Road Safety diagnosis that will serve as a pattern for further project implementation activities and proposals definition by defining the different areas and actions, and for finally preparing the future works.