Rome urban core network node

Rome urban core network node – Enhancement of public transport services and removal of bottlenecks along the Rome bypass

Type of solution: Infrastructure: adding, Infrastructure: optimizing
Node: Scandinavian-Mediterranean
Stakeholders involved: ANAS – SOCIETA’ PER AZIONI (Italy) (coordinator)

The Action is located on the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor at the Core urban Node of Rome. It aims at identifying the optimal interventions that will contribute to enhance public transport services and to remove the bottlenecks along the Rome road bypass.
A multimodal transport study will be carried out together with the preliminary design study for the construction of two parallel roads (southwestern sector) of the Rome bypass and the upgrading of the junctions (southeastern-southwestern sector). The study will focus on three different areas of intervention, namely the road infrastructure, the mobility radial axis accessing urban area and the nodes for modal shift.
Based on the preliminary design that is the outcome of this Action the construction phase is planned to start in 2024.