Sines/Lisbon /Madrid

Sines/Lisboa-Madrid high speed rail line – Madrid urban node. Studies for an improved and intermodal adaptation of chamartín station and high speed access to Madrid airport

Type of solution: Terminal: optimizing
Node: Atlantic, Mediterranean
Stakeholders involved: MINISTERIO DE FOMENTO (coordinator), ADIF Alta Velocidad

The new high speed rail line (HSRL) connecting the Madrid stations of Atocha and Chamartin requires the adaptation of these stations as well as the improvement of the connection to the rest of transport modes in Madrid.
The CEF funded action encompasses the preparation of the detailed design to adapt the Chamartin station to the new high speed services as well as the improvement of its intermodal access. It will also include a feasibility study for the HSRL connection to the airport. The Action is part of a global project aiming at connecting the HSRL network in the core urban node of Madrid.
The Action will contribute to ensuring permeability of the HSR lines through the node of Madrid, reduction of travel time between different modalities of transport, promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly transport.