Good practices

Shifting from thinking in barriers and obstacles towards solutions  and options

The introduction of one or more European good practices will help the stakeholders in the urban node to make a mind shift from thinking in barriers and obstacles towards (potential) solutions and options. This stimulates the discussion and improves the creative process. Besides, several good practices connect local, regional and corridor level, stakeholders will get concrete input and inspiration from other European cities and regions on how the relation between the urban node (local, regional) and the corridor level might be improved.

Good practices are defined as practices and mechanisms that might help to solve a specific challenge with a specific impact. Desk research and interviews indicate that quantification of the impact as well as good practices are not easy to find, because integration of infrastructural, mobility and spatial development is a rather new field. To define a good practice it is required to have insight in the specific challenges and context of a node.

The full toolbox can be downloaded here.